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I hope you guys like this too...

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I hope you guys like this too...

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I hope you guys like this too...

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I found this video today. It's a pretty incredible response to bullying. I'd love to know what you guys think of it and whether you think it's something worth sharing with your kids.

FYI - It ends with a message that's a bit odd and I'm not sure who wrote it. Let me know what you think of that too.


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Re: I hope you guys like this too...

I think it's fabulous @Ngaio-RO, I really found it perfect. It would be great to show to our kids I think, because it tells a real story about a situation that often happens amongst friends. It shows an empowering way to deal with the situation. I love how Isaac asked Thomas, why? He wanted to know why his old friend turned on him, but he also showed he was wanting to talk as he cared about Thomas and their friendship. 

I think it's a great place to start, as it could teach our kids to have more compassion as those being bullied are hurting, and often the person bullying is struggling in some way too. It sounded like Thomas was insecure about his ability to fit in, which could be why he was so mean to Isaac. 


The message at the end about kids doing martial arts did seem a bit out of place initially. But I have a theory! When my daughter was raging and so angry all the time, it was recommended she start martial arts. Martial arts is about learning to defend yourself, but it is also very much learning about control of anger and emotion, focus and respect for self and others.


I'd be interested to hear others take on it too.