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Preventing profanity and nudity on the internet.

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Preventing profanity and nudity on the internet.

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Preventing profanity and nudity on the internet.

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Hello, dear parents.As we all know, there is practically no way to avoid our children using technology and the internet these days, however, I feel strongly inclined to make sure that the online experience would be safe for my children.


I have an 6 years old son which is passionate about games. I am limiting his screen time and only allow him to be online when all of our family members are home and he is in a communal places of our house, such as kitchen, living room and our backyard. Unfortunately, I've already seen 2 pop-up ad's with for some stupid game which contained a woman with naked breasts, and I am more than sure that it have happened more than once.


What kind of applications, computer settings or other preventive measures you are using to avoid that

My good friend said she is using application called family friendly dns (here: ) as she is constantly working and are unable to monitor her child for most of the time, however, I am a bit sceptical about this. Have any of you tried something similar? Can I rest assured that it really filters all erotically related content? 


Thank you in advance Smiley Happy.