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Shared parental leave advice (UK)

Shared parental leave advice (UK)


Shared parental leave advice (UK)

Hello so I just wanted some advice on our current situation at the moment that we find ourselves in, so my girlfriend is currently working at the same company as me and she has only been working at the company since end of October last year, anyways she told me she was pregnant in November and now we are looking to have our baby at the end of June 2021.

So my girlfriend just found out today by HR department that she needed to have worked at the company for over 6 months and they won't pay for her for having shared parental leave but the government will over 37 weeks, I was just wondering we wanted to take 4 months of each so a total of 8 months, would I still recieve parental leave pay from my work because I have worked there longer than a year while my girlfriend recieved pay from the government because its so confusing.

Would appreciate the advice

Re: Shared parental leave advice (UK)

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Hi @Rippers45 

Congratulations on your baby on the way! That is wonderful news! Sorry things are a bit complicated regarding parental leave. Our forum is generally for parents of children aged 12-18 so I can't give a whole lot of info around parental leave but I'm wondering if this government webpage  might help? 

I also found this webpage that gives a bit more information around parental leave, it is from the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service who might be good to contact if you've got questions.

Hope this is helpful! All the best Heart

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