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Supporting your LGBTQIA+ teen

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Supporting your LGBTQIA+ teen

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Supporting your LGBTQIA+ teen

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With Mardi Gras currently in full swing, you and your teens may be more aware of both the celebrations of and issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community at the moment. You might find that your teen has questions they want to ask you about LGBTQIA+ people, they might be ready to share more about their sexuality or gender with you, or even have some problematic views you want to discuss and educate them on. We want to make sure as parents we are always there to support our kids and ensure they feel understood, acknowledged and safe when talking about sexuality and gender.


We have some fantastic tips here on how to support your teen with their sexuality. From how to be approachable and create a respectful space, to the best ways to encourage them and how to deal with the feelings you may experience too.


Gender also comes into play when talking about people who identify as LGBTQIA+, so it's really important we know how to talk about and support our teens on this topic too. This article is great at explaining what gender is, how to talk to your teen about the subject and where to reach out if you need some extra support.


Please feel welcome to ask any questions you have below, or share your experiences of how you've supported your teen around LGBTQIA+ matters.