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Swaddle to Sleep sack transition

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Swaddle to Sleep sack transition


Swaddle to Sleep sack transition

Struggling to transition my 7 month old baby from swaddle to sleep sack.

My baby is used to being swaddled for his naps and can easily sleep with it in the afternoon.

I bought a sleep sack to transition from swaddle and it worked out fine the first week (only worn at night) Then suddenly, he started being fussy at night so we thought it is already too small or snuggly for him. So we bought a new sleep sack one size up.

The struggle now is when it's time for bed time (8:30pm) and I put him into his sleep sack, it suddenly takes up to 2 hours for him to sleep even though he is really sleepy (all cues and wake windows shown) but he was fine with it 2 weeks ago with no issues with the first sleep sack.

Any tips or suggestions please.

Re: Swaddle to Sleep sack transition

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Hi @mstrx 

It sounds like you're having struggles with your son's transition from swaddle to sleep sack. It must be difficult to know what to do when your baby has changed the way he sleeps and you've been trying lots of options.

Unfortunately, the ReachOut forums are aimed towards parents and carers of teens so we cannot give you advice on this issue. However, I wanted to refer you to Pregnancy Birth and Baby who offer a free video call service to parents which is available 7 days a week. Their website also has resources on sleep and other issues. Raising Children similarly offer resources to parents of all ages including on the topic of sleep. Hopefully these can give you more specific guidance. 

All the best for you and your son.