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Hi All,


As a parent i'm concerned about the content on youtube which my daughter (6) would have access to by being allowed to browse around on this channel. I've suggested she rather created her own channel, and provide others with innocent fun content which other girls all over the world could subscribe to and enjoy watching. Please could you let me know what you think.... 



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Re: youtube

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Hi @ProudDad, just letting you know that I've had to remove your youtube link as per ReachOut's community guidelines - sorry about that!


Youtube content is definitely concerning to many parents, myself included.  So hard to know who you can trust, right?  I err on the side of caution and don't let mine watch it at all but they're young & still listen to what I say ;-)


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Re: youtube

Who never went down to the youtube spiral? 

You begin watching a video of a dry wall diy and all of the sudden you are watching a video of an alien creature found in Mexico 😀 Like the one that posted above me, I would not allow it at all. 

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Re: youtube

Hi there @ProudDad, there is so much content on the internet that's inappropriate for our young one's to be exposed to. There are parental locks that you can use to help keep your daughter safe, but I'm with the others, when my daughter was young she wasn't allowed unsupervised access to anything online. 


I will just let you know that you've reached an Australian forum for parents of teenagers so our help and resources are for those ages as well. 'Essential Kids' is an Australian site focused on children your daughter's age. You'll be chatting with parents of kids the same age which is so helpful.  

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Re: youtube

There is youtube for kids and there is some other website not sure of name that is only YouTube videos approved by parents