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Concerned about my kiddos

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Concerned about my kiddos

Hi I really need some help for the past 3 years I was led to believe that there was an order to say I wasn't aloud custody of my 3 beautiful girls up until 5 months ago when child services came to see me and informed me that there is no reason I cannot have full custody of my girls and ever since my ex mother in-law found out that I know she has stopped any contact between me and my girls she is also trying to put a DVO on me with false information on it I'm contesting it in court but she is trying to keep me within 150m of my children I already have a 6 month old in my care I do regular drug tests for child services I've done parenting classes I'm doing all the right things that I have needed to do to have them home I'm honestly lost and numb and really don't know what else to do

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Hi @meamestcalm22 ,

I wanted to start off by saying welcome, it takes a lot for anyone to come onto the forums and disclose what may be happening in your journey. You should be very proud of yourself.

I also wanted to thank you for sharing and trusting us with your journey. From what I've read I can see that your children mean the world to you. You should be extremely proud. It's inspiring to read Smiley Happy

Parenting can be a draining experience just on its own and I want to make sure that along with the dedication to your children's wellbeing you are also taking the time to focus on your own self. It can be hard to think about ourselves especially when the people we love are involved, sometimes the best way to help is to take a moment and sit with ourselves.

We can’t provide any legal support here at ReachOut, however if you are in need of legal assistance I can direct you to LegalAid Queensland, please let me know if this is any help.

Again I'd just like to say thank you, your dedication to your kids is inspiring and I would love to hear how this journey continues.

Please don't be afraid to reach out for whatever you may need Smiley Happy