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Eating disorder

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Eating disorder

Hello, our 17-year-old is trapped in a cycle of daily disordered eating behaviours and rage. She refuses to accept help and it highly agitatec/ agressive if the topic is moooted. I feel utterly hopeless


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Hi @Australia23

Welcome to the ReachOut Parents Forum!

Thank you for opening up about your concerns for your daughter. It can be very shocking and upsetting to see your daughter go through disordered eating behaviours. Naturally, it can feel even more painful and hopeless when your daughter refuses to accept help and shuts down any mention of the topic. However, continuing to provide support where you can and showing her that you're willing to talk to her about what is concerning her can still be helpful.

I see that this is a daily cycle for your daughter, how long has this been going on for you and your family?

Additionally, you've mentioned that your daughter displays rage. Is there a particular subject your daughter seems to be angry about?

I also see that you have attempted to get help for your daughter and I'm wondering what have you tried so far? For example, have you been able to get your daughter to a consultation with your GP?

I have attached an article that provides information on what to do if your teen doesn't want help with their mental health. The Butterfly Foundation can also provide qualified support for anyone who is concerned about someone with disordered eating behaviours and further information on eating disorders.

I hope you find the support you need here.

I look forward to your reply.