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Getting 10 year old to go to school

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Getting 10 year old to go to school


Getting 10 year old to go to school

Hi my 10 year old has really struggled in going to school this year. She’s in a class 4/5 and I think because of this she feels embarrassed to ask for help. There is only 3 grade 4 girls.

Re: Getting 10 year old to go to school

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Hi @Grace_is-8 

Thank you for connecting with us about what is happening with your daughter. It's understandable that her struggles to go to school are stressful for her and yourself, especially as she is emabarrased to ask for help.

Unfortunately, the ReachOut Parent Forums are aimed at parents of teenagers, and we are unable to give specific advice based on your daughter's age. I'd like to recommend the resources of Raising Children Network, who provide articles and videos on topics including anxiety about school. You could also contact Parentline in your state to speak to someone over the phone about your concerns.

Wishing you the best for yourself and your daughter.