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I have just discovered reach out as we are hosting Fairy Bread Day today at work. 

I am mum of 2 girls Miss 15 and Miss 5. I have a wonderful supportive partner who is Bi dad to my girl 5 years and a very supported step-dad to Miss 15. 

I work FT in a very busy and demanding job. Our family loves to go on lots of adventures, we try and experience as much as we can in our lives. We love to go to festivals, concerts, charity event, day trips and holidays doing all the tourist things! 

I have joined to network with other parents who are supporting teens with mental health challenges. 

I look forward to exploring the forums and connecting with others 

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Re: Hello

Hi @beetlemum and Welcome to our online community! It is so lovely to have you here Smiley Happy

Thank you for sharing with us today. That is so lovely to hear of your wonderful supportive partner and your beautiful girls, I can hear just how much love you have for them. It sounds like you have been extremely busy lately! How do you take care of yourself with so much going on?


We look forward to hearing more from you!