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New to forum and Adhd Parenting

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New to forum and Adhd Parenting

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New to forum and Adhd Parenting

Hi, new to this forum ! Our youngest 12 ur old has just been diagnosed with innatentive ADHD and about to start medication. In the meantime , I’m reaching out to experienced parents for any tips and tricks for how to get her more organised with school and at home? Year 7 has really brought to the forefront her symptoms . Anything u have found really beneficial for day to day functioning at a slightly better level than chaos!? Many thanks

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Hi @Angelnewc welcome to the ReachOut forums! It's great to have you here. 

It sounds like you're looking for some tips for helping your daughter to manage her ADHD and stay organised at school and home. Connecting with other parents who also have children with ADHD can be a really great way to learn new parenting strategies and feel supported. I hope you find some parents on here who you can relate to Smiley Happy

There are also some great online resources out there for parents supporting their children with ADHD:

We have an article on ADHD and Teens (with tips to try)

The Raising Children's Network

The Royal Children's Hospital 


Thriving with ADHD

The ADHD Foundation also has a list of local services to access here


I hope you find these resources helpful! Smiley Happy

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Re: New to forum and Adhd Parenting

Hi There,

I have two kids with ADHD (16 yo girl, inattentive and 11 yo boy, combined). I have some ideas that have worked for us. The first thing to say is to expect her ability to organise herself to be 3-5 years behind similar age peers (that is backed up by research).

1. begin a habit of writing a list of homework tasks when you get home from school, based on reviewing what classes she had that day. Keep it simple, use one colour marker per subject, we love a whiteboard (even the little A4 size ones)

2. begin a habit of allocating some time (15 mins?) in her bedroom doing maintenance (dirty clothes, unpack/repack school bag, etc) each evening

3. to begin with, you will have to do most of the organising with her. My 16yo is just now managing this on her own, after years of me doing it with her, and it is still up and down depending on her level of energy and overwhelm.

You could find a coach who works with teens, but I really believe parents are the most effective supporters. Even if she has a session with a coach, you will have to be her memory and motivator every other day of the week! 

Sorry for the long reply - and sorry if I sound a bit jaded! There is no doubt that it is an exhausting role.

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Re: New to forum and Adhd Parenting

Thank u soooo much for your reply!! Ur tips are awesome. Xx