Is anyone else hooked on the winter Olympics??

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Is anyone else hooked on the winter Olympics??

I love the winter Olympics!! Our TV's been on in the background and I love tuning in to watch my favourite events - being anything involving skiis or a snowboard. 


Matt Graham with his silver in the moguls was awesome - I'm in awe! These guys and girls are fearless and I so admire their dedication and talent. 


Are you enjoying these Olympics? What event/s are you enjoying watching the most?



Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!! (and there it is, my inner bogan who I love very much Smiley LOL)





Community Manager

Re: Is anyone else hooked on the winter Olympics??

Love it @taokat!!


I haven't watched as much as I would have liked but I do try and snatch a couple of minutes here and there - I am the only sport fanatic in our house so I fit in a little bit of viewing when I can!


In saying that, I did make a point of staying up for the opening ceremony - I am a sucker for them - and I did get my partner interested in joining me for that as she was invested in checking out and commenting on the team uniforms Smiley Happy