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Newbie here!

Newbie here!

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Newbie here!

Hey everyone! I'm new here Smiley Very Happy

I hope all are good. I'm a mother of 7 years old girl. Feeling anxious about her study and future. I love her so much.

I'm here for my parenting doubts and support. Thank you!


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Hey @Wonder_Alice 


We're glad you've joined our forums. If you like, you can introduce yourself in our "introduce yourself" thread here. There's five questions to answer Smiley Happy


If you ever want to talk about any concerns regarding your child or anything about parenting, feel free to start a thread here or here


We also have a section where child/family professionals answer questions here, and a discussion and activity section here, which might be worth checking out Smiley Happy


We have a set of community guidelines that I'd encourage you to read here. They're set to ensure that this place remains a safe space for everyone, and tells you a little bit about what we do and don't like to see on the forums Smiley Happy


If you have any questions feel free to ask us. We're happy to have you Heart


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Re: Newbie here!

Hi @Wonder_Alice,

Just thought I’d check in to see how you are going?

How is your daughter coping with stress around study and the future in the lead up to the start of Term 1?

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