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19 year old son- Autism/ ADHD

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19 year old son- Autism/ ADHD

My 19 year old son constantly verbally abuses me and intimidates me. Was diagnosed with ADHD and SID as a child however have been informed more likely has ASD. He is impossible to live with, has refused all help in the past. Has a history of drug use, never finished school, couldn’t complete Tafe and can’t maintain work. I feel trapped. Where can I receive useful help. I am currently saving money to have him formally assessed for ASD. My goals are for him to be able to live somewhere else and to have peace
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Hi @Bella2014 

Thanks for sharing with us, it sounds like you and your son are feeling pretty distressed at the moment. It's great that you are reaching out for some support.


ADHD, SID and ASD can be really complex, I'm wondering if your son has any support from his GP or therapist whilst you wait for the official ASD diagnosis? We also have a range of articles on ADHD and teenagers that might be helpful to have a look through. Amaze also have information & support for parents of children with ASD that is worth checking out too.


This must be a lot for you to cope with too, do you have any professional support or friends/family to talk to about your situation?

I'm also going to send you an email, keep an eye out for that coming your way soon.