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Diagnosis how to cope and parent?

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Diagnosis how to cope and parent?

My 13 yr old was diagnosed @ 4 with intellectual delay, ODD, and anxiety at his last pediatrician appointment with his new pediatrician she thinks he may also be on the spectrum, so now it's a waiting game patients are wait listed, so,he's now on a wait list. In the mean time we have set rules for him and same for his brother 11 he had a very hard time following rules. When he breaks the rules we do take this electronics away as that's what he likes, but as soon as we give them back it starts all over again. On top I feel bad, as I know he has these issues, but also know he needs to follow our house rules.

Re: Diagnosis how to cope and parent?

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Hi there @KaRob , thank you for sharing this with us. Managing your son's diagnosis of ODD and anxiety sounds like it has been a really challenging time for you. You sound like a very supportive parent who cares about your children very much. Though I imagine at times it can become really draining and exhausting to deal with disruptive behavior at home. 

We had a professional answer a parent's question about teens and ODD, and I thought it might be a good read for you. You can have a read of her answer here. The Raising Children's Network also has an article on ODD here that might be useful to you too. As it looks like you are based overseas, please bear in mind when accessing any of these resources that ReachOut and the RCN are based in Australia. 

It can be really tough supporting a child going through something, and it is just as important to take care of your own well-being as it is for you to support theirs. Is there anything you enjoy doing for self-care? Or do you have anyone you can talk to about things - such as a friend, family member or counsellor?