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Young Grandparents help

My 16 year old daughter has just had a baby 8 weeks ago. We are supporting her even though the situation with her partner isn’t great. It’s causing tremendous tension and fights and an adjustment to our home.
My daughter treats me especially with disrespect and takes everything out on me. Its horrible
Me and my husband are unable to sustain this type of behaviour from her and need to make a decision if we can continue to support her.
I love my beautiful grandson and he is our main focus due to the background of the partner. He has a criminal record, doesn’t work and is very manipulative. We opened up our house a request from my daughter so she/he can be supported to raise the baby in our home. He refuses to come around which makes the only way he sees his son if I drive my daughter there.
I have been told we are the minority of parents who stick buy and support daughters who have teenage pregnancy but the situation is hard. It’s hard when you are living this day to day. She doesn’t like rules and continues to disrespect us in our home. Demanding and manipulative using our grandson against us
Any support groups or advice would help. Please no judgement
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Hi @MaggieMoo 

I'm really glad you reached out for some support, it sounds like your family is going through a particularly difficult time at the moment. 

I'm wondering if you or your daughter have any supports in place at the moment? Being a young mum can be a very difficult transition for both mother and surrounding family. Brave provide support for young parents and their families which might be helpful to check out. We also provide free 1:1 parent coaching that you might like to look into here.

It sounds like you're also feeling concerned about your daughter's relationship with the baby's father. If you feel like your daughter is unsafe at all, or would like to chat to someone more about this, we recommend connecting with 1800RESPECT who provide support with family, domestic and sexual violence concerns.

I'm going to send an email too, so keep an eye out for that coming soon.

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Re: Young Grandparents help

Sounds like you guys are having a tough time being the parents of such a young mother.