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Disrespectfull 19 year old son

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Disrespectfull 19 year old son

My soon to be 19 year old son took a step too far this weekend . We was at a cricket presentation for both juniors and adults . Where he was having a drink with myself my partner snd some friends . It was a good evening but as it went on my son got louder and louder using foul language to which I asked him please stop there's kids . His reply was you know where the door is f@c$ off through it . I asked him again and announced I was going outside for some air. Not even 2 minutes later he was out side screaming at me then went on to put my car windows through whils screaming that he hates me ans wished my dead . He then became physical with my partner and myself. He ran off so I followed him still attempting to calm him down . He then threw me into the fence screaming insults. He then went for me again. I am buried from head to toe from him . I have kicked him out I can't deal with that kid of behaviour there's more things he said unforgivable things I am done with him . I don't know of this is the right decision or not but he can't be in my home where he was violent with his 16 yo brother. What do I do now . I can't ever forgive him for the things he said and that his hit me multiple times . I have never ever raised my sons this way ever and wasn't raised that way wither

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Re: Disrespectfull 19 year old son

Thank you for sharing this with us @Lady1401  


It sounds like what you are going through is very difficult at the moment and we're glad that you can talk about it here. I am sorry to hear about the hardships in your relationship with your son. It's a complicated position for you to be in right now, considering his behaviour and the effect on you and your family.


I want to check in and make sure that you are supported during this difficult time. Do you have any supports for yourself? (e.g. friends, other family or professional support). Would you be open to us exploring some options with you? 


I was also wondering if your son has engaged with any supports himself?


There are many members of our community that have been through similar experiences. You are not alone and we're glad that you're here.