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Hi, I am so sorry you are going through this. Do you know the reason why IVF have failed? The decision as to the route depends on you, your medical history and age. If you are aged max 35, and IVF failed cos of a less experienced clinic or their lab, you can try to conceive naturally, taking vitamins, acupuncture and apps (you need to choose them carefully, I tried mums net, but now I am happy with iyoni app). However, you need to remember if you can't conceive during 12 months, you need to visit a doc. But if reasons of failed IVF relate to egg or sperm quality, genetics issues, or/and you are aged 35+ you need, in my opinion, to change your clinic. After failed IVF docs usually get info on how to modify treatment to boost your chances. If your docs have not offered any new procedures or modified protocols, I would recommend considering a new clinic. Good luck on your journey x

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