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What to do if your teen is getting bullied

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What to do if your teen is getting bullied


What to do if your teen is getting bullied

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Is your teen getting bullied? Knowing that your child is experiencing bullying is one of the hardest parts of parenting. As much as we want to guard our young ones, there are times when they will be out in the world without our protection, and that can be an extremely hard pill to swallow. 

So, what can you do as a parent to support your teen through bullying? Sometimes, they might not even realize they're being bullied. They might brush it off as just "friendship drama" or dealing with "toxic friendships”, - but these interactions can still have an impact.

First things first, keep the lines of communication wide open. Let your teen know they can talk to you about anything without judgment. Help them understand you've got their back, no matter what happens.

Keep an eye out for signs of bullying, even if your teen doesn't label it as such. Changes in behaviour, mood swings, or slipping grades could be red flags.

  • Validate your teen's feelings: let them know it's okay to feel upset or angry. Empathy goes a long way in helping them open up.
  • Help them cope in healthy ways: Encourage activities they enjoy, spend time with supportive friends or family, and don't hesitate to seek professional counselling if needed.
  • It's not just you in this fight! Team up with your teen's school staff. They've got anti-bullying policies and can play a significant role in addressing the issue.
  • Building up your teen's self-esteem and resilience is crucial. Praise their strengths, remind them of their worth, and get them involved in activities they love.
  • Tech boundaries matter! Open up conversations about their online presence and friendships, and set boundaries with technology. Plan time away from screens together and practice mindfulness. 



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What to do if your teenager is being bullied 

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The BULLY Project Australia offers support and information on what to do if you require legal help to address bullying, including how to lodge a formal complaint with the Department of Education or the police and report cyber-bullying to e-safety