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LOCKED: What's a Wednesday Wrap?

LOCKED: What's a Wednesday Wrap?


LOCKED: What's a Wednesday Wrap?

Once a month on  Wednesday, we'll unlock this area and we'll chat about the issues important to our families. Faciliated by our trained parent peer supporters, stay tuned for more details.


Re: LOCKED: What's a Wednesday Wrap?

Hi everyone and welcome to our first Wednesday Wrap.


I'm starting this off with why I got involved with Reachout.  I have two teenagers, a boy 16 and girl 15.  Times have changed since I was a teenager.  I was told to basically suck it up and get over the difficulties that I was facing as a teenager.  I don't want my kids to feel that they need to inhibat how they are feeling and what is causing them concerns in their lives.


I am grateful to know that when I am feeling like I do not have the skills or knowledge to be able to help my kids in a positive and nurturing way that I have somewhere I can go to get guidance from not only professionals but other parents that have been through the same or similar experiences.