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Getting help for teen after parental separation

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Getting help for teen after parental separation

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Getting help for teen after parental separation

My teen refuses to speak to her father after he left our home 2 months ago. She is not coping with the separation and refuses to talk to a professional. She does not open up a lot to me or her sibling, and becomes emotional and angry when I try to talk to her about getting her some help. Am being supportive, patient and encouraging with her.
Any advice would be helpful as I have run out of ideas.

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Hey there @Lelsar I'm sorry to hear your teen isn't coping well at the moment. Separations are so hard on the whole family, and everyone deals with these things differently. Can I ask how you're coping with it all? 


It's so challenging to know the best way to approach a teen who is clearly in pain but isn't talking. I have a few ideas to share: 


  • It might be hard to get your teen to talk to a professional at the moment but it might be nice for you to have someone to talk to (if you don't already). We'd be happy to send you some resources if you need them. 
  • We offer a one-on-one support service for parents. If you're interested you can read more and register here
  • We have some content on how to talk to teenagers, this article has some tips that might help


I don't know everything about your situation or your daughter - but I believe that by being a consistent, loving presence in your teens' life, you are already doing a great job.


Even if she is angry now when she is ready to talk she will know she isn't alone and that it's safe to go to you. Let us know what you think of the ideas above and take care!


Re: Getting help for teen after parental separation

Keep the harmony. Managing divorce is least demanding when guardians get along. ...

Be reasonable. ...

Stay in contact. ...

Work it out. ...

Talk about what's to come. ...

Sort out your qualities. ...

Carry on with your life. ...

Allow others to help you.


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Re: Getting help for teen after parental separation

Thank you for your response and ideas.

I have booked in for one-on-one support and her father is keen for me to share information/advice with him.

I have a good relationship with him and he is a good father. He still has a good relationship with our other child.

I am coping with lots of self care, counseling and have good support around me.
Just very challenging in that I can’t help my child when I know she needs it. She also suffers with anxiety so this situation has made things worse for her. She’s doing well in school - is a high achiever, but personally is in pain and not coping.

Re: Getting help for teen after parental separation

Hi @Lelsar it’s really awesome to hear that you have reached out for one-on-one support and that you have other supports around you. Sounds like you also have a good relationship with your daughter’s father and that you both want the best for her. I can understand why things are hard for you at the moment, I hope that you are able to use some of the supports around you and that it helps you through these tough times Smiley Happy.