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Teen son acting like a rude brat

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Teen son acting like a rude brat

I’ve taken my son on holiday and instead of making the most of being near the beach in a nice hotel he’s acting like a spoiled brat and sulking because he wants to be with his friends. I tried talking to him calmly about it but he walked off and I was so furious. I had to leave the room so I wouldn’t say anything I’d regret and to calm down. I’m a single mother so have noone to help me. Any advice would be helpful please.


Re: Teen son acting like a rude brat

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Hi @Angrymum, sorry to hear about the issues you have been having with your son lately. I can understand how you were feeling angry and upset at your son's attitude as it sounds like you had good intentions when taking your son on a holiday. From what you have described it sounds like your son might not fully understand your reasons for taking him on a holiday. Do you think it would be helpful to open up a discussion with your son where you can explain why you have been feeling angry and upset and where he can explain why he has been acting that way?


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