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single parenting an angry teenager...


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Hi @BDubya 


Thanks so much for contributing to this thread and sharing your story. 


What you're going through must be so hard, and I'm really sorry to hear that this is occurring for you. It's possible your daughter is going through some of her own personal issues that are manifesting in this sort of negative behavior. Nevertheless, it still makes it really hard to deal with, especially when you try to help and nothing seems to be working. 


Is there anything you're doing to look after yourself at this difficult time? I'd encourage you to call ParentLine. If you've never heard of it, it's a confidential telephone helpline that offers information and counselling about parenting issues. You can talk to qualified counsellors about a wide range of matters such as avoiding and resolving conflict in your family or improving relationships with your children and other family members. I've linked their contact details here - please note that their number differs per state, so please scroll to the bottom of the page to make sure you call the relevant one. 


I hope things improve for you Heart

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