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13 year boy sexting with friends

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13 year boy sexting with friends


13 year boy sexting with friends

So my teen boy 13 has apparently has a chatting group including his other school friends. Apparently they were chatting bad about moms and one of the kid got offended and told the school teacher. Since it happened outside of the school so obviously teacher can’t help, but I looked the chats and it was not good at on how these kids are talking. But I’m particularly concerned with my kid talking bad about someone else’s mom which is not good. How do I deal with this situation.. please help

Re: 13 year boy sexting with friends

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Hey @Teenboysparent 


Thanks for sharing what has been going on for you, it must have been quite confronting to read about what your son and his friends were saying in their group chat. Have you been able to chat to him about your concerns?

This could be an opportunity to open up a conversation with him about sex and cyber safety, we have some content which I will link. This article is all about talking to teens about sex with tips on things to include in the conversation, from what you've said it sounds like the group chat might have contained some disrespectful language towards women which could be something to talk about in this conversation as well. 

We also have this article which is about sexting and online sexual behaviour and how we can support young people to stay safe online. I hope you find these articles to be helpful with a few good tips to try out, do you feel like these are conversations that would be helpful to have together?

I'm also wondering if there is anyone else you would like to speak to about this? Do you feel like it might be helpful for you to chat to some of the other boys mums? It can be helpful to have other supports around and you deserve to feel supported while you're going through this Heart