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15 years old run away

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15 years old run away

My son is 14 years old and has a 15 years old girl friend at his school. She is from Afghanistan and her parents don’t let her dating with him.
They ran away last month for 1 day and 1 night the get caught by her parents.
She wants to run away with my son again and they say they will sleep in the park which make my heart broken. If they run away again, am I allowed to let her stay in my house, in my son’s room? Please help me what can I do, I do not want them to sleep in the park, it is not safe and they can not rent a room cause they are under 18. 😢
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Hey @Neelam


I can really understand why you would be so concerned about your son and his girlfriend running away and sleeping in the park. I really really think it's a good idea to let them stay at your home, especially if you don't think they would be convinced not to leave if you don't. It's most important that both your son and his girlfriend has a safe place to live, as well as having adequate supervision. The Youth Advocacy Centre has written up some information on the legal information around leaving home as a child which I have linked here. This could also be good for you to take a look at for your own peace of mind Smiley Happy Please keep us updated on your situation as well!