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Asd and friends

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Asd and friends

My Daughter goes to a mainstream school and has ASD. She is constantly bullied and feels the whole of year 8 hate her . The school hasn't really helped with the bullying. She has so called friend who is also mean to her and causes a lot if trouble in school by stirring! My Daughter has now lost so much confidence, she won't make the effort to try and make new friends because she said that they all call her annoying and whatever she wears ir does the other girls are mean. I have suggested a new school, but because her loss of confidence, she said she probably won't be able to make new friends, plus doesn't want to be centre of attention by being the new girl. I am so worried about her mental health too because of all this.
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Re: Asd and friends

Dear @sunset1 ,

I am so sorry to hear that your daughter is being bullied. It must be so hard to watch your daughter feeling down each day, knowing she is finding school so difficult.

Firstly, does the school know your daughter has ASD? If they do, they may be able to put some extra supports in place whether they be whole-school approaches or small group approaches.

Secondly, does your daughter have supports in place such as an individual learning plan, supports from the wellbeing team or co-ordinator? These may include social goals. It would be good if your daughter has someone to speak to or a place to go when she feels it is too much.

There are definitely ways she can be supported. I hear your stress, and I read of your daughter's distress.

We will be waiting to hear back from you.