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Re: Bullying

Hi so sorry Ive posted in the wrong spot - but my story is very similiar to the original poster, so I may just leave my post here as well if ok..


Re: Bullying

Hi @Sil77,

Thank you for sharing about this really awful position you're in at the moment. Its clear how much you care about your son and want to do the right thing by him and you're concerned about betraying his trust by contacting the school.

It must be painful for you to know your child is being bullied and that this is quite possibly the result of your son disclosing something so personal to someone who was his friend. Its a really upsetting situation for all of you, its horrible to watch someone we love be so hurt, and I really feel for you.

It's tricky that you're getting a lot of mixed advice in terms of whether or not to tell the school about what is going on, was it helpful last time? Or was it outweighed by the subsequent teasing?

Its lovely you're being so sensitive to how this might effect your son, its hard to say what the result will be or what will happen if he moves schools. He has said moving schools is something he wants, how do you feel about this idea?