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Communicating with my self-isolating teen

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Communicating with my self-isolating teen

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Re: Communicating with my self-isolating teen

Hi @kiwimama 


Sorry to hear that you have all been unwell, that is always difficult. Although it sounds like it has given you an opportunity to spend some time with your daughter and she has been open to your support. Its great to hear that she went to the Drs and you are both working on helping her get well. Sometimes when we get unwell and can't do the things we normally do we really start to miss them, this may be why your daughter is seeming a bit less open again now she feels well enough to play the playstation. You said you were curious about her friends online, has she spoken to you about them before? It sounds like you are providing lots of support Heart Heart

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Re: Communicating with my self-isolating teen

I have asked her about them and apparently they are friends from uni that she has kept in contact with.
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Re: Communicating with my self-isolating teen

hi @kiwimama 


It is great she has been more open even if it is for a little while. 


Funny isn't it how things can ebb and flow within a relationship.  It is great that when she feels she needs support she is opening up more.. that is really positive sign IMHO.


Not eating well and being sick can certainly drain anyones energy and make them more susceptible to feeling low.  Being there when you are needed can help strengthen any relationship.  


I would encourage you to keep hanging in there.  Take the win and cherish it.  I am sure sometime in the future you will be feeling low yourself and being able to recall how things were better can help you maintain a positive perspective 


Raising a teen is definitely a long term project..!!