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Depressed 17 year old son 😒

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Depressed 17 year old son 😒

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Re: Depressed 17 year old son 😒

Hello @Birdwings 

I'm so sorry for the late reply. Things have been depressing here, and my motivation a bit low.

Thanks for sharing your story, it has been a really rough ride for you, and I'm sorry about that.

No huge change for my son, I think it'll take a long time to get him back to his old self. He is now on new meds, only on day 5 so hopefully they will help a little too. I got into a psychiatrist which is great (hence the new meds), and he sees his psychologist again tomorrow, so I hope this helps.

As far as things that make him feel better - I think screens/gaming is his highest priority, and sleeping. He also seems happier after a shift at his casual job - just getting out of the house and being around people is a boost. He would benefit from any from of exercise, even walking the dog, but just won't. But maybe one steps.

Take care xx





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Re: Depressed 17 year old son 😒

Hi @Daisy18 thanks for sharing your updates with us all here. Hopefully the new medication will be impactful for your son in all the right ways. 


I am also really struck by your hopeful resilience, I think it is incredible. Even just your statement, 'I know that he won't be like this forever, I just hope he can see that too' is such a beautiful example of your courage in such a difficult situation. Holding onto that hope will take you far, and your son as well. 


You say your motivation is a bit low because of how difficult things have been. I wanted to ask how you are going, day-to-day? Do you have self-care activities that you are engaging in on a regular basis? I hope you are still able to take time for yourself as much as you need to, it is so important for us all. 


Feel free to keep us posted with how your son's new meds work out for him. Glad to know that you are making the most of the forums as a space for supporting yourself through it all.