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Don't know what to do for the best ?

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Don't know what to do for the best ?

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Don't know what to do for the best ?

My daughter is 15 , she had a phycotic episode in the summer holidays which was the worst thing I have ever been through . I wanted someone with a magic wand to make it all better but alas , no such thing .
We took all the pressure of her regarding school , but explained that she still has to go to school it seemed to be ok but she has now gone back into herself and doesn't even want to go out the front door without me .
It must be hard for her but is routine not a good thing .
Do I keep her off or push her to go back ??

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Re: Don't know what to do for the best ?

Hey @Oxford-1999 I'm so sorry that you guys had to go through something like that. I imagine it was incredibly frightening for you and your daughter. I don't think there's a parent here who wouldn't relate to the idea of wanting a magic wand to make it all go away. I hope things are a little easier for you all now.


This is a tough question, especially because your daughter has a lot on the line, nobody wants to trigger another psychotic episode.

What are the supports you have, after the original incident? 

When you have a teenager who has struggles of this nature it's really important to think through the middle to big sized steps, like returning to school. Which I'm sure you already know.


Am I understanding it correctly that a part of it is wanting her to keep up a healthy routine? If so, have you spoken to her school? Do you know what sort of supports they'll provide her and you?


Sorry, a lot of questions.  Hope it's not too much. Smiley Happy

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Re: Don't know what to do for the best ?

Thanks for taking the time to read .
Yeah we have support from early intervention and cahms .
Also school have got a few systems in place of 1-1 and places she can go if he is overwhelmed.
But she is not willing to go atall . I have said she can have home tuition but she said she doesn't want to be singled out .
So it's a no win situation .
I have just got to keep trying and trying and trying .
Thanks again
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Re: Don't know what to do for the best ?

Hi @Oxford-1999, parenting can be so difficult when we're not sure about the best way to proceed with things. Schooling can be a tough one and I relate to your anxiety around the situation and feel for you going through this.


My daughter has had problems with school attendance for many years, which resulted in an enrolment with distance education towards the end of last year. We'd had things in place at school too, however last year they weren't implemented so well by the school which negated their effectiveness. I'd suggest talking to her teachers and seeing if they are aware of what's in place for your daughter and that the systems are working properly. 


It's interesting that she doesn't want home tuition because she feels it will single her out. I'm wondering if you're able to have a discussion with her around how she feels about not being at school, and the longer term effects it may have with distance with friends etc? 


It's such a hard battle when they dig their heels in and refuse to go to school. As a parent I know I worry about my daughter's future and the hurdles she now faces looking at getting back into face to face learning next year. But in saying that, with distance education she is at least participating in learning again after 3 terms last year doing nothing. 


My daughter's school initialy offered a mixed enrolment, with her being able to attend her favourite subjects. Didn't work for long with us, but I wonder if your daughter's school might be able to do something like that? Do you think she might be willing to attend for subjecys she enjoys?


Hang in there! It sounds like you have sought out great supports already which shows what a loving mum you are. It can be exhausting, but sometimes it is a matter of trying different things until you find the thing that works. 


You're not alone! Let us know how things go. 

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Re: Don't know what to do for the best ?

Hi @Oxford-1999 your story sounds very familiar.  My son also experienced a psychotic episode at 15.  He is now 19.  I have done much research and difficulties usually arise when the individual doesn't engage in treatment.  My son never engaged and we tried everything.  Patients is the key here and I understand the enormous pressure the situation will be having on you and your family.  I admit we had outpatient treatment at CAMHS and the school was really helpful by altering his schedules however, in the end he couldn't cope and recovery for him meant just being at home.  If there are any other questions I can help with bring it on I am willing to share my story and road to recovery with you.