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Frustrated over school refusal

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Frustrated over school refusal


Frustrated over school refusal



I may be forgetting some things but any suggestions or similars?


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Hey @gdot21 

School refusal can be a huge issue for a lot of families, thank you for sharing what it's been like for you. I'll put a link just here to all of the forum discussion threads around school refusal so you can have a look at other parents experiences.

Apologies if you have already looked into this, but when a young person is refusing to go to school it can be good to check that there isn't something specific going on at school that is making them not want to attend such as bullying. I understand she hasn't really had friends to spend time with, do you feel this has contributed to her not wanting to go to school?

We have an article here about school refusal, it also has a video at the bottom where a parent speaks about her experience with her daughters school refusal. It also has some tips that could be useful to have a look at. I hope some of this is helpful, let us know how you're getting on.