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Help, 13 year old

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Help, 13 year old

Hi, I have a 13 year old sister (foster child)
She finds it funny when she gets into trouble, gets caught doing something she's not supposed to.
She still wets herself on the occasion and laughs about it.
She waits until the last minute to go to the toilet.
She lies, steals, is extremely rude and destructive.
We try and talk to her but it just goes through one ear and out the other.
She doesn't shower unless she's told to, if no one tells her she doesn't do anything... It's really getting out of control

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Re: Help, 13 year old

Hi @KITSMITH Welcome to Reach Out Parents Forum and thanks for your post. This sounds like a very tense and tricky situation. I would wonder if your sister has had some trauma in her background because of her erratic behaviour. It does sound very difficult and extreme. Some professional support around this would be ideal, is your family involved with any organisation for support and who can you talk to about this? 

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Re: Help, 13 year old


I'm so sorry to hear how difficult things are for your foster sister and your family, at the moment.

I definitely agree with @TOM-RO that it's worthwhile getting some input from a health professional.


I've worked with some adolescents who had issues with soiling themselves and it almost always points to a bigger issue.


Would your parents be willing to talk to a health professional?