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Inappropriate behaviour from my son

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Re: Inappropriate behaviour from my son

Hi, yeah it was certainly an awkward conversation which he tried to shrug off, clearly very embarrassed but we needed to confront it and it needed to be then or who knows when it would have been. 

I was a tad worried that my husband would have been a little reactionary as he is quite protective of me, in a sweet way but he was very calm and supportive and it was as we needed. 

I think after our son figured out that it wasn’t going to be a telling off, all he had to deal with was his embarrassment. 

I think although we tried to make sure he didn’t feel ashamed that he actually did. 

He did confess to taking his little sister’s dirty socks and sniffing them but insisted he had not touched her feet inappropriately. She had never said anything and I believe she would if he had. We stressed to him that he must not touch her feet or mine or anyone else’s without their consent in any kind of sexual way. I think the 3 of us were quite embarrassed to be honest. 

Putting 2 and 2 together, my husband actually has a foot fetish and although we, Like most parents around the world, are very careful to keep out sexual lives out of sight of the kids, it’s not at all unthinkable that our son has seen something at a younger age that sparked his interest in feet? 

Anyway, we have not had any more awkward family moments that we’re aware of. He’s either been a lot more careful or it’s no longer happening and our relationship is now no more awkward than most teenage/parent relationships. Smiley Happy He is our son and we love him to bits and he and his sister have a pretty good relationship too. 

@sirchd11 wrote:
May I ask what the outcome of your conversation was with your son? I suspect my partner and I will need to have a similar conversation with our son and was hoping to get an insight into your experience if you dont mind? Thanks in advance Smiley Happy


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Re: Inappropriate behaviour from my son

Hi @E1987, thank you so much for updating us. It sounds like the conversation with your son went as well as it could have. It is totally normal to experience embarrassment and shame around these topics, especially if it is one of the first times that you have spoken about it. Difficult conversations can be such a tricky thing to navigate as a parent, so it is great to hear that things have been running smoothly since. Hopefully this conversation has really opened up the communication for any future situations that may arise Smiley Happy It is definitely important to have honest conversations within the family!

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Re: Inappropriate behaviour from my son

Sniffing socks (if that’s what he is doing) is one thing but...  I think mabye you shud offer hem your used socks and save your daighters socks away and he would stop touching your and your daughters feet, I think think theres no harm if he have foot fetish an snifs your socks as mother you can help hem with hes feet fetish till he finds girlfriend after all you have ehpirience with feet fetish so you know what man whant smelly used female socks you dont have to give to hem but live them where he can reach your used socks in your shoes or heels thats how he be happy satisfyed and you be happy as mother helping yout pore boy !!! Remember in this world is not easy to live with fetish people joudge spetialy girls !!! Do you agree ? Please keep us informed of the situation!!!
I am mom and have same problem with my son !!!
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Re: hello

I hope all goes well in the future but if you need help I am ready to help !!! If you understand me Smiley Happy))