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Lack of family support

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Re: Lack of family support

**bleep** Taokat
Yes it does get very hard when they are not having a good time. It has had a big impact on me and I have restarted 1 of my anxiety medications again I am a bit disappointed but I also know I need to do this to look after myself too.
We have started to look into some volunteer work ... trying to find something we are both interested in.
Thank you for your reply and I hope you have a great week!
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Re: Lack of family support

Not sure why my above message starts with ***bleep ***???
Should say hello ... sorry not sure what happened?
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Re: Lack of family support

Ohh, and here I was thinking you were swearing, just exasperated and exhausted! I'm not sure why it changed it either @Mumof19yrold, but it gave me a giggle!


I hear what you're sayng about your own mental health. I have depression and it's often triggered by our situation. Good on you for taking those steps and looking after you. If we're not okay we're no good for our kids, and that's the way I look at my self care now, instead of seeing it as a guilty pleasure. 


Thank you, we have had a great week so far. It's been smooth and uneventful which is always welcomed!


Keep in touch and let us know how you're both going Smiley Happy


Re: Lack of family support

"if we're not okay, we're no good for our kids" so true @taokat. This is why self-care is totally not selfish. We need our own oxygen masks on first. How are you traveling today @Mumof19yrold

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Re: Lack of family support

Hi    darl,

I feel   for  you.I am in the same situation.....with   twins....every school holidays are   very hard....torture...camps   are for little kids....and expensive   too..

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