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Marijuana Education in Schools

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Marijuana Education in Schools


Marijuana Education in Schools

My high schoolers school is adopting a new drug education curriculum that discusses the risks and benefits of marijuana use. The goal is to delay rather than avoid all together. I know it's legal is some states now but I'm not sure what to think about this new reformed education. Has anyone already had the drug conversation with their kids? Any advice about how I should talk about marijuana? Should I be concerned about what the school is telling them about drugs?


This is my first time here so thanks in advance!

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Re: Marijuana Education in Schools

Hi @newtoparenting 


It sounds like this is new territory for you, and it so great that you have come here to see what other parents have been through. What do you think about talking to the school about any of your concerns?

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Re: Marijuana Education in Schools

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Hi @newtoparenting,


Just thought I would reply to link you threads of a few other parents who have been talking about teens and marijuana in the last couple of weeks. 


While these threads speak more to using marijuana, you may be able to reach out to these parents to see how they have conversations with their teens. This topic here by @CBlovesherboy and this discussion here with @melinee and @Keddie 


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