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My 14 year old has no friends

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Re: My 14 year old has no friends either :(

Hi there sorry for the delay! He is doing so much better! Getting him a good therapist that he trusts was very important. It took a while to find the right one. This didn’t happen until a year ago when he came home from college and we realized he was depressed.

I would say do all you can to give your son an adult that’s dedicated to listening to your son who can coach him on social skills. If he likes martial arts, great! But sports aren’t for everyone, so just let him find his passion and spend time pursuing it.

You don’t have to be limited to therapists around you anymore since Covid - zoom calls are great for shy kids! My son has never met his therapist in person!

Thanks for reaching out! It will get better. Bullying will always be a part of school. We have to give our dear kids an outlet to voice what is happening and to find themselves in the midst of that fear.

Ultimately it makes them stronger and compassionate, if they feel supported.

Wishing your precious son and you big warm waves of love and support. You are not alone!! There are so many suffering silently. But your son has a loving mother so I know he will be ok! Good luck!!!

Re: My 14 year old has no friends

I too am having the same dilemma with my son. We live in a different country than yours. I feel my son maybe in the autism spectrum. He was never evaluate as the foolish paediatrician said it was not necessary and I was paranoid. The poor soul doesn't have any friends. His sibling is much older than him and sadly is quite selfish so doesn't spend much time with him. I always try to be with him and give him food he likes and stuff but he is very lonely. It breaks my heart to see him like this. What can I do? Due to the covid situation we have no school and there are no sports clubs etc open. Pls help. Thank you
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Re: My 14 year old has no friends

Hi @Seriann, thank you for sharing. From what you have mentioned, it seems like you are feeling quite upset for your son and have a lot of empathy for what he is going through. It is difficult to watch our loved ones go through difficult situations. You sound like you are close with your son and really in tune with his life and emotions. Have you thought of going to see a different paediatrician instead? Sometimes there can be varying opinions and your opinion as his mother should definitely be considered Heart