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Hi. Unsure how this works but I have concerns about my 15 yo and am hoping I can talk with some people who have similar concerns. My son is terrified of going out as has been bullied, and feels there are some pretty nasty people who want to harm him. He doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m terrified. Can someone help? 


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Hi @Rinstar

Welcome to the ReachOut Parent Forums! Thank you for sharing what you are going through. I can see that you care for your son and are concerned about him. It would be difficult to hear that your son has been bullied. There is an article on Bullying and Teenagers that might provide more insight on bullying and its effects.

I can also see that you are terrified for your son as he feels like someone will harm him if he goes out. I am wondering if you feel comfortable sharing more about what's been happening for your son and how long this has been going on for? I am also wondering if you’ve spoken to a GP or mental health professional about your concerns with your son?

An email was also sent to you so please keep an eye out for it.