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Pack mentality


Pack mentality

My daughter 12 is in year 7. All of term one she was bullied, daily.
Now we are in term two and it she has been bullied every day again.
The issue is that its a different group or a different person every time, so the school says they need to treat each incident as a one off unless the same person strikes again.
My daughter gets called a fat s**t, ugly, fat, she has rumours that she turns tricks on the weekend and has people asking how much she charges etc.
Now that my daughter is fighting back (verbally) she is being pulled up by the school.
She has not one person on her side.
An incident happened yesterday and the school said they will sort is out today, giving the 5 girls who verbal attacked my daughter a chance to get their story straight. So today in a restorative session all 5 girls were ganging up on my daughter again and when my child exploded calling them out on all the lies she was told off.
I honesty don't know what to do as the school refuses to see what is happening to my child as pack mentality.

Re: Pack mentality

Hi @makeastand 


This sounds like really tough situation for both you and your daughter and I am so sorry to hear about what vile things have been said to her. It must have been really intimidating for her to be in that room and is i frustrating feeling that the school is not taking things as seriously as they should.  I can imagine it would be making you feel powerless as it sounds like you have tried to advocate for her and it doesn't feel like she is being heard. You are limited in what you can do as a parent in this situation, beyond what you have already done. Don't underestimate how important it is that you are there for her emotionally and that you show her that you believe her despite what the school and the other girls are saying. It is so incredibly valuable having a mothers support through such a difficult time. We hope you receive some support on the forums here and we thank you for sharing this with us. 



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