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Parent of a bullied girl who doesn't see it

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Parent of a bullied girl who doesn't see it

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Re: Parent of a bullied girl who doesn't see it

Hi @Concerned2019,


I feel your pain. My son has always drifted towards the 'naughty' kids (now its at the level of participating in illegal activity) and there is not much we as parents can do, especially as they go through teenage years when peers play a more powerful role in their lives.


From what you say, however, it sounds like your daughter is aware that the bully may not be the best influence, and that your daughter still holds on to the values that you have given her. This is fantastic!


My only suggestion is to keep trying to introduce new friends, perhaps outside school (e.g., sporting activities) that can also be a source of social support for your daughter.


You sound like a wonderful parent and wish you all the best Smiley Happy 

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Re: Parent of a bullied girl who doesn't see it

Aw thank you for your lovely reply. She has a loving home for sure. She won't go to social clubs due to confidence but we are talking to the school about possibly getting her into a club and making it like she has no choice. She goes by school rules so much so if it's a subtle group she will go if it's classed as a school activity. Things are so messed up. Friends and family are telling us we not tough enough but they don't understand her Asperger's, in fact some don't believe and some can't be bothered to learn. She's come home today saying her"friend" upset her. Maybe it's a friendship we have to accept and hope she sees sense in the end.

I really appreciate all the replies, it helps me vent cos sometimes I'm emotional wreck and don't know where to turn next. As a mum I just want to fly in scoop her up and make it all go away but I can't. My husband has been amazing too.we are just stuck. Hit wall with things we can do. I guess we will figure it out somehow. A friend told me today we need to be firmer but they have no experience with aspergers. It definitely makes things tricky.

Thanks for listening ❤️