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My adult daughter appears to have developed psychotic ideation.  She has constructed very disturbing, violent, both sexually and physically, stories about her past which she believes to be true.  At some level she knows that something is wrong, as she contacted her GP, when she heard voices coming through the TV.  He told her she was suffering from hallucinations and delusions and as referred her for a psychiatric assessment.  However, despite having worked in psychiatry all of my professional life, I feel unsure whether to tell my daughter that the experiences she thinks have happened did not, or just simply to listen to her and support her?  I hope this does not sound too feeble.  I am sure you can imagine how worried I am.  

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Re: Psychosis

I can only imagine how concerned and stressed you must be feeling @Ajay18, it can be so hard to see our family suffer through mental health issues, especially when they are as intense as you described. While I'm not 100% sure exactly what the best way to handle the situation regarding your daughter's delusions/hallucinations, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to get in contact with your GP, I've also seen you're located in the UK, so you can also can visit the NHS 111 website, where you can ask questions about a specific disorder. I hope this helps!