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Hi, I’m at a loss. Today is the first day back at school and my 14yr old is refusing to go. It is a new school for him, I get he’s nervous but he seems to think that not going to school - not doing anything but sitting on his phone or PlayStation are an option. I have now taken his phone and PlayStation. He is outside - not at school. I’m at a loss, his attitude towards life is “I will do what I want, when I want”. I don’t know what to or what I can do? Any ideas?
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Hi @Pleasehelp101 ,


I understand it must be tough to have your son not want to go to school.  It may be difficult for your son to understand the repercussions of not going to school.  I'm wondering if you have spoken to your son about his reasoning for not wanting to go to school?  Is it possible that there is barrier for him to enjoy school?  Have you tried to talk the the teachers at the school to see if anything was happening towards the end of last eg: bullying or issues with another student/(s)?  It's possible that your son is experiencing some anxiety regarding returning to school, particularly as he would have spent a lot of time home last year.  If he continues to refuse to go to school, you could try to reach out to the school and see if they can put any supports in place.  


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You can also call parentline and look through their website for more information and advice.