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Tantrum resolved for just 1 day

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Tantrum resolved for just 1 day

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Tantrum resolved for just 1 day

Miss 14 decided (rare) she was going to have a meltdown about nothing.


I have been renovating our house for the past 18 mths and have decided it's time to build storage as we still have boxes in the garage unopened..


The laundry walls had to come down - I said to her here I want you to get rid of some of that revolting behaviour and handed her a 5kg hammer.

Her eyes lit up. I said, go find your sunnies for protection..


Out she comes dressed ready for town. I quietly laugh, show her wear to start, close the door and have breaky outside in the sun.


I hear her screaming: I can't do this, I don't want to do this, I am hopeless. I walk back in what's the problem??


I can't get a hole in it.. I give it a few shots - I turn to her and say hey that's ok not even Mum can do it (I could)give it another go - she is fuming - I think this wall is going to come down in a hurry..


I hold the hammer with her and say, lets try this together.. bang the hole opens. I tell her you are so great at this, I'll come back later..


The hammer flies before I make it out the door - she laughs.


A few hours later the wall is down, she is exhausted but I praise her for doing such a great job, she gives me a hug and walks off. Whatever was wrong was forgotten but I knew at her own pace I would find out and life would travel along again. A win for a few hours, who knew..

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Re: Tantrum resolved for just 1 day

@Lily17 a win for a few hours is something to cheer for! I love how you handled the whole situation, from asking her to pitch in to helping bring the wall down together and validating her. Awesome. I hope the rest of the day has been coasting on that good early momentum Smiley Happy

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Re: Tantrum resolved for just 1 day

I love it @Lily17! Good on you for the way you communicated and the support you gave your girl. I love that you were able to breakthrough the wall together to get her started. And a perfect way for your daughter to let out her frustrations! Have you got somewhere to build a wall that can be bashed down at anytime then rebuilt? Smiley LOL


All the wins need to be acknowledged, and I hope the benefits have lasted to give you some peace, at least for the day!