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Teen anxiety

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Teen anxiety

There’s no hand book or easy way to being the perfect parent. But us as parents are all here to only help navigate or children to a better path in life. What are unanswered questions you feel you have from your teen having anxiety? I have a 14 year old daughter and she’s suffer from anxiety and it stops here from walking through life great. I would love to know how can I help her with her anxiety?

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Hi @Kmcdani5 and welcome to the forums - we're glad you came here for support.

I imagine it must be really hard to see your young person going through anxiety that is impacting negatively on their life, but it's so helpful for your daughter to have a parent who is clearly on her side and cares so much.

A good starting point might be some of the resources on our website about young people and anxiety if you're interested in having a look. 

Does your daughter have any professional support with her anxiety?