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Teen doesn't like school

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Teen doesn't like school

How to get your teen back into the school routine from remote learning? He says it's Boring. Remote learning was not for him. Grades dropped and he just has a different attitude about school. He's almost done with jr year. I can't shake the feeling that I may have failed him.

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Hi there @starlin thank you for posting about this because I suspect many parents are going through similar struggles. In the best of times it can be a challenge to keep teens motivated to do their school work, so put a pandemic on top of that and it's even harder. 


Remote learning isn't for everyone but as you said routine can help. We actually have an article on helping your teen stick to a routine here, if you want to give that a read.  Do you mind if I ask what the routine you have now looks like? I know that some parents have tried incorporating exercise into the day to break things up and get away from the screen. I'm sure there are lots of different strategies to try and would be interested to see what other parents here say. 

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Re: Teen doesn't like school


I dont think you have failed him.  You obviously love and care for him.  This is more important than school grades.