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Teens and Nudes

I've just found my daughter (17) has sent nudes to her boyfriend through Snapchat. I'm sick to my stomach. Need advice on how others have handled this.
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Hi @Michi05 and welcome to the online community. We're really glad that you reached out for some support, as this sounds like a really tricky situation to navigate.

I'm sorry to hear that you've found your daughter sending nudes via Snapchat. That must be quite a confronting and uncomfortable discovery for you as a parent, and I can certainly understand your concerns about this kind of behaviour taking place online. It sounds as though your daughter sent these images to her boyfriend - do you know him very well?

I'm also curious as to whether your daughter knows that you've found these images, or whether this is something that you found on her phone yourself? Having conversations with teens about sending nudes can be really difficult territory, but it can also be incredibly useful in helping them understand how to stay safe online. How would you feel about having a conversation with your daughter about the images you found?

If you're interested, we have a few resources on how to talk about sexting with your teen and the eSafety Commission also has a great guide for parents on this topic too.

Is there anyone in your life that you trust to talk to about all this? It can be difficult to cope with the idea that your daughter has been sending naked images to someone, so if you're keen to have a chat with someone for some additional support, ReachOut also offers a parents coaching service that you can access. 

Hang in there @Michi05 and please feel free to keep us updated on how things are going with your daughter Heart

P.S. We'll be sending you an email to check-in, so keep an eye on your email inbox.