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Too much attention?

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Too much attention?

Hi! My eldest son (he is 12), watched with me one series of Supernatural, and he really liked Dean, he began to imitate it. By the way, his name is also Dean.
He became rude, very confident, and laughed at his younger brother that he is too sensitive.
Will it pass, or should I intervene? For the new year, he asked for a machete and a leather jacket. 


Re: Too much attention?

Hello @AmberP, thanks for sharing! It sounds like you are in a bit of a difficult situation. I am wondering if you have had a chance to discuss your son's liking of Dean and asking him about why he would like a machete and leather jacket? It can be good for children to have role models and favourite characters, so it might be worthwhile discussing some of this with him. It might also be a good chance to have a discussion with him about the way he treated his younger brother and how that made his brother feel. I hope that this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: Too much attention?

He likes this character because he is strong and confident in himself. Everything got better after he saw that the older brother always protects the younger one in the series, and he doesn't watch the series with me anymore.

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Re: Too much attention?

Hi @AmberP, thank you for sharing. It sounds like this role modeling experience has had some positive and negative impacts for your family. Have you thought of chatting to your son about the difference between roleplaying vs. real life? For example, it is okay to play fight like seen on the TV, however it is not ok to hurt other people by hitting them or saying things that may hurt their feelings. It is definitely awesome that you are conscious of this behaviour in its early stages Smiley Happy

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