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Worried about my 10yo child

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Worried about my 10yo child

My 10yo child told me that her brain tells her to hurt herself and others; and had said that she needs help, for me to help her. She said that she has tried potentially dangerous activities, cut a little of her hair etc.

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Hi @imworried 


Thanks for reaching out for support with this, I can understand why this would be worrying for you. It's really great to hear that your child was able to tell you how she is feeling, it shows she really trusts you.


I'm wondering if you've been able to talk to her doctor about this? It would be helpful to have the support of professionals to work with you to help your child through this. It might also be an idea to move any items that may be dangerous for your child to be around at the moment. 


We are an Australian-based organisation, so are limited in the relevant resources we can provide to people in other countries, however, we have these articles on self-harm that might give some more information on how to best support your child.