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I am running into the same issues. Me and my wife are running on fumes. Last month, my 13 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD with a sprinkle of anxiety and depression. We had a feeling, but it was official when he went to the hospital for thoughts of self-harm. He is on medication, but refuses to consult with a therapist/psychologist. First attempt on a video call, he just gave one word answers and didn't seem interested.

My question, is it possible that the medication can make him aggressive or say really dark things? Yesterday, he ordered something for his video game without asking or permission. My wife softly and politely said that was wrong and he needs to ask first. Keep in mind, he took his pills approx. 30 min ago, but he said something harsh and out of his character. He told my wife she is wasting oxygen and should kill herself. I come home from work and ask what is going on to my son. He tells me I am a hypocrite and tells me I too should kill myself with other insults. After reading about ADHD, it is not really him saying these things so my approach was different as I spoken in a calm manner. We told him he may have to go back to the hospital for reevaluation and get the help he needs to express his emotions. He said No and then proceeded to punch my wife in the arm. I restrained him until he calmed down and his behavior changed within 10 min. He became calm and said sorry to my wife. 

I am so lost on this and we will call the behavioral therapist again today. From a previous incident, the therapist said it was bottled up emotions. 


Any advice would be helpful


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