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Are your children happy at school?

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Are your children happy at school?


Are your children happy at school?

Hi, Id like to know from you if your child is happy being at school or were there aspects of COVID-19 they really want back in their learning day?

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Re: Are your children happy at school?

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Hey @ONthejourney 


Good question. Just to make sure that I'm interpreting it correctly, you're asking whether the children of other parents on this forum are happy to be returning to school since being home-schooled due to COVID, right?


I don't have children myself, but I'm guessing it'd vary quite a lot - maybe some children who don't enjoy school are upset to be returning, while others are probably enjoying going back to "normality" and seeing their friends. I imagine some children would have mixed feelings about it also - they may like that things are going back to normal while being afraid of contracting or spreading the virus.


Do you have children yourself? If so, whats your experience been like?


Re: Are your children happy at school?

@ONthejourney this is an interesting question.

I use English as a platform to teach emotional intelligence. During covid lockdown (in HK the children were home roughly between 14 Jan to 8 June depending on their school). I had the opportunity to work with them to monitor their emotional state and academic performance during the long weeks of being home and return to school


When the students returned to school these were their comments:
- school classrooms are much noisier so they find it hard to stay focused

- commuting makes them more tired. They get up earlier and get home later.

- there was less peer pressure and comments about their study, clothes, test scores 

- they felt safer because they weren't being scrutinized or criticized


I know that not all students are suitable for studying at home and found home study frustrating. The online group classes helped. However, for some students having to stay indoors during lockdown was challenging. I also know of situations where domestic issues increased.

But overall the positive experience that many students had in working from home, being more self-reliant and less exposed to noisy disinterested peers in class meant that their work was of better quality. There is lots we can learn from this situation.

For some of my students, I really wish there was a happy medium. Some of the schools decided for the last month of the year to split school time between home and school alternating between: Week 1 -> 2 days at school. Week 2 -> 3 days at school. The students loved it. They felt it was a great balance between focused study at home and participation in practicals and group work at school.