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Baby sleeping

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Baby sleeping

4 month old won't sleep unless in my arms and can't be put down once asleep
As soon as I get up my baby is awake
Any help will be appreciated on how to settle baby into her on bed

Re: Baby sleeping

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Hi there @Nads1003, I just want to highlight that ReachOut forums are intended for parents of children aged 12 - 18 so I'm going to add some information here that you might find helpful and more suited to your needs -


The Raising Children's network has some great resources about newborns and sleep including some informational videos with settling techniques to try, here is a link to have a look at:


Tresilian is another service that you might be interested in looking into, they specialise in newborns to preschoolers. Their website has resources, a live chat where you can speak to a nurse, and a Parent helpline - 1300 272 736. A link to their website is here:


Another helpful service is Parentline. They are a free telephone counselling service for parents with children of all ages. Their number is 1300 1300 52, here is a link to their website:


I hope you find some of these services useful, all the best Smiley Happy



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Re: Baby sleeping

Hello! Had the same situation with my son. He slept only in my arms and immediately reacted if you put him in bed. He started to cry and I had to take him in my arms again. So when he fell asleep on my hands, I played a quiet song and only then put him to bed. I can't sing well, maybe you are better at it.  These repetitions signal relaxation and sleep. The massage helped him just as well. 

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Re: Baby sleeping

I can understand your situation as we were also facing the same issue a few months back. Whenever I put my baby to sleep he woke up and start crying. He was only used to sleep in my arms. And I was not able to go anywhere due to this. But thanks to one of my friend he suggested me a nursery glider. My baby loves its reclining motion and now they sleep easily. It was made nicely and both mum and baby can sit at the same time. You can try this.


Re: Baby sleeping

We use lullaby music while our baby sleeps, he likes it a lot.



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Re: Baby sleeping

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Hi @natalie72 

Thank you so much for contributing to the forums Smiley Happy Just a short note to let you know that we needed to remove the link you posted, so as to align with our Community Guidelines. Thanks for your understanding and continued support of others within the community Heart

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